Metal Work, Home/Garden Decor

We specialize in a wide variety of ever changing home and garden decor - metal work, wood, cement, cermamic - much of it handmade and one of a kind.

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Jewelry, Clothing, Accessories

When we say we have something for every soul, we mean we have something for every pocket book too. You'll find clothing, jewelry, bags, and accessories of all sorts in every price point.

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Seasonal Greenhouse

We take pride in our greenhouse, that we fill with flowers, herbs, and veggies each summer.

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Something for Every Soul

There are few things better for the soul than good, old-fashioned  hard work, but one of them is letting that hard work pay off.  All of us here at The Crazy Iguana believe in working hard, so we can play hard.  Who says you have to catch a plane to an exotic, beautiful location to play.  The Crazy Iguana’s mission is to bring the beauty and pleasure of exotic play places to you.  We want you to have to go no further than your very own closet, jewelry box or back door to find your oasis.  Let us work hard for you, finding all the pleasures of your soul, so that you can have a little piece of vacation from your hard work everyday at home. Work hard.  Play hard. - The Crazy Iguana



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